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Africa is important to us, because our founder and lead planner and designer, Mwai Yeboah grew up in Zambia. Although we’re based in London, Africa still captures our hearts in an inescapable way and we’re on a mission to rebrand it, because…

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Whether you want to reconnect with your roots and show your future spouse your heritage or you’re coming from abroad and want to experience the excitement of a different culture and place, we help you plan and design a destination wedding beyond your wildest dreams.

Why Do We Love Destination Weddings in Africa? 

From hidden five-star resorts to underrepresented adventure activities to locally-grown culinary delights that meet modern dietary requirements to cultural immersions that create greater understanding, Africa has it all.

there is so much more to Africa than meets the eye
or makes the news....

Execute seamlessly to ensure your wedding elements flow like a high-end production
Plan with ease so that you’re not juggling vendor calls, contract negotiations, deposit payments, timeline creation, wedding stationery mishaps, and a long wedding checklist on top of your already-busy schedule
Create luxury designs and an ambiance that engages all of the senses so you and your guests are truly immersed in an unforgettable experience
Implement small touchpoints every lavish wedding should have & master the guest experience so your destination wedding is the travel adventure your loved ones talk about 10 years from now…
Orchestrate a wedding that aligns with your heritage and values, whether that’s planning a wedding at a location that focuses on sustainable tourism and empowers subsistence entrepreneurs or that integrates cultural elements, fabrics, pieces, and practices.

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