Sep 15, 2018

Wedding Inspiration From the Heart of a Bali Wedding at Bulgari Resort

Wedding Inspiration From the Heart of a Bali Wedding at Bulgari Resort

Today’s wedding inspiration was captured by the very talented Stepan Vrzala. May it spark an idea in you, may it help bring your wedding vision to life and may it bring clarity about all the possibilities that await with a destination wedding.

Couples who plan a destination wedding typically want something different. Many want to forego family pressure to do things a certain way. Many want a more intimate and exotic experience. Many simply want an extended holiday and a beautiful place they can get married and honeymoon at.

There’s a quote that defines a destination wedding as, “Destination wedding: my wedding, my way.” For many, that’s true. A destination wedding somehow gives a couple more freedom to throw off others’ expectations and plan a wedding on their terms.

This wedding was hosted at the Bulgari Resort in Bali—a luxury resort in an exclusive destination with a mix of unspoiled Balinese culture and sophisticated modern design.

One of the most beautiful natural design elements of a Bali wedding is the iconic vernacular architecture. Vernacular architecture is really a style of building that emerges from local needs, the availability of local materials and local traditions. It’s all about addressing basic human needs and we often forget how much beauty arises from doing that. Just look at some of these structures and spaces at the resort.

Using the natural structures of a place is a great way to cut down on decor and design costs and also add a uniqueness to your wedding style.

A Water’s Edge Wedding Ceremony

To take advantage of waterfront views, many people get married on a beach. It’s not often that you see a wedding ceremony hosted at the water’s edge from a dock, but dock weddings are remarkably beautiful and remarkably unique.

The lush gardens and stone wall fence all add wonderful raw texture to the background decor and provide a great backdrop for wedding photos. When you work with the natural elements of a space, you really can create a one-of-a-kind experience and unique wedding photography.

From the local architecture to the exotic foliage to the stunning red reception dress, this Bali wedding has so many features that delight the eye, making it dance from one point of beauty to the next.

I hope this inspires you to look at the architecture and landmarks within a space and use it to your advantage within your wedding design and styling.

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