from the moment you put on your lipstick to the minute you slip into the "getaway" car

discover your wedding day

As guests arrive at your destination, we help you shower them with hospitality by arranging welcome baskets, presents, or gift cards for souvenirs and activities to be placed in their rooms or handed out upon arrival. We can also help you throw a welcome dinner around a bonfire beneath the stars or at a trendy nearby restaurant to stir up excitement and kick off your wedding right.

the welcome

Seeing the ease and excitement on your face as you sip mimosas with your closest friends and get ready for your big day is the highlight of what we do. While you’re getting pampered and enjoying yourself, we supervise vendor arrival and venue setup to ensure your wedding day is everything you imagine ( and no one is bothering you with last minute questions).

From the Beginning

In the space between your dress getting bustled, your groom fidgeting with his tie and the ceremony beginning, we make sure you’re still creating memories to hold on to. Whether that’s making sure your photographer is getting the candid shots you requested or that there’s a full supply of drinks and snacks, every moment is filled to the brim with happiness and laughter.

Memories to Hold on to

The anticipation is building and it’s palpable now. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’ve made sure everything is ready and guests are in their seats. Your music has been triple checked and we’re following the timeline to a ‘T’. You, my dear, are ready to walk down the aisle to your future forever without a care in the world. 

The Ceremony

Congratulations! Today is the first day of the rest of your lives as a married couple. Your nerves have dissolved and you’re wearing a permanent smile. You’re ready to celebrate and the celebration is waiting for you. From the food to your entertainment to your centerpieces and more, your reception venue is ready for everyone to arrive and fill the space with fun and cheer.

The New Couple

During your reception, everyone wants to hug and congratulate you. We make sure they get to and that the timeline stays on track, vendors perform according to schedule and you get to enjoy special moments for just the two of you, even if that’s sneaking away for a quick kiss under the stars. 

Just the Two of You

The details of your wedding make the experience come to life. From the swooping drapery and whimsical lighting to the fun layout of the guest photobooth, no detail has been overlooked or forgotten. Guests notice and “ooh and ahh” at the attention that’s gone into your wedding celebration.

All in the Details

You know your wedding is a success when guests exclaim it’s “the best wedding of the year.” Your guests are catered to and made to feel comfortable, so they truly have a blast at your once-in-a-lifetime event. We wow them at every corner and immerse them in your love story as it’s revealed in the design, the music, the photos, the stories and more. 

Oh the Guests!

Heartfelt words that bring your guests to laughter (or to tears) are some of the best. We’ve triple checked sound equipment, touched base with the speech givers and everyone is waiting to hear what those closest to you have to say. As cheeks turn red, laughter unfolds and tissues are passed around, we watch you soak it all up, knowing that this truly is the best day of your life and you have the best people in it.


It’s time for you to step onto the dance floor and have your first dance as husband and wife. You reach for each other and are swept into the music and the moment. You’re present, everything is how you envisioned and you’re not worried about a thing, because we’re handling it all so you can enjoy. Once the wedding party dances are finished, guests shimmy onto the dance floor and join you for a night of unhindered celebration.

Dance Dance Dance

The love and laughter keeps overflowing as the night continues and guests unwind. We’re keeping things in check throughout the evening and when you bid farewell and slip into your getaway car - the “Just Married” sign spotlighted by the street lights - we make sure traces of the night are tucked away and your venue is returned to its original state. 

until the end

When guests travel a long distance to celebrate with you, they want to spend time with you beyond your wedding day. We help you maximize your time with your guests by planning a fun, day-after brunch including yummy brunch foods, music, and an atmosphere for lounging and mingling to refresh everyone after a long night.

Day-After Brunch

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