Nov 6, 2018

Wedding Gift Registry Ideas

15 Top Wedding Gift Registry Ideas from Prezola: A Modern Wedding Gift List for Couples Who Want Options

When you’re engaged, it’s fun to browse through brick-and-mortar shops with a little scanner and hand select gifts you’d love for your wedding, but let’s be honest—these days, who really has time to go to ALL the stores that have products you love and who doesn’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) on gifts or ideas you overlooked or failed to see on store shelves.

The truth is, more and more couples are wanting to revolutionise the way they do their wedding gift registry. Couples who already “have it all” often want to suggest monetary contributions to a honeymoon fund in a classy and polite manner. Philanthropic couples often want to suggest a donation to a charity they believe in. And other couples simply want to select from a diverse range of home goods and gifts from the comfort of their computer and afford guests the ease of shopping online.

This is why I love Prezola—the UK’s favorite wedding gift list and honeymoon fund. Prezola has transformed the way the industry does both online and in store wedding gift lists and you have to love them for it.

It’s also why I’m very excited to announce that I’ve become a brand ambassador for them. If I’m in love with a company and stand behind what they do, I naturally recommend them and pass their name on to everyone I know, so this partnership was a natural fit.

So, now that I’ve told you why I love Prezola, let’s talk about some unique wedding gift ideas from their website that I love.

15 Top Wedding Gift Registry Ideas from Prezola

When you want options, Prezola has them. Here are some of my favorite, fun wedding gift registry ideas from Prezola.

    1. Unique and Polite Cash Contribution Requests—Ok, so this one might not appear unique at first glance, but Prezola offers a really fun and polite way to ask for cash contributions for your wedding. They have cute cash gift image cards with fun pictures and sayings like “new mattress fund,” “art fund,” “new bathroom fund,” “camper van fund,” “setting up home fund,” and more.
    2. Well Child and New Horizon Youth Centre Charity Donations—Prezola offers the option to donate to a number of charities, but I personally love the ability for couples to donate to sick children as well as a day centre that works with vulnerable and at risk children. These are two great ideas for a wedding gift list.
    3. Travock Travel Hammock—I love this travel hammock. It’s simple, chic and made of parachute silk. Plus it packs down super small and can be taken on trips.
    4. White Enamelware Pitcher—This pitcher is super practical and I love the traditional white. It’s sturdy enough for outdoor use and can be used indoors, too.
    5. Scrabble Board GameBoard games are a refreshing entertainment option to have on hand, especially given our affinity for our mobile devices. And who doesn’t love a fun game of scrabble with your fave group of friends? This is great to have for when guests drop by or you’re planning a date night in.
    6. Bob Marley Vinyl Record—This one is for the music enthusiasts and collectors.
    7. White Scalloped King Size Duvet Cover—The scalloped edges on this classic duvet cover are simply beautiful and set the perfect mood for a dreamy and intimate marriage bed.
    8. Quirky Egg Cups—The perfect way to eat a poached egg and pamper your new spouse with breakfast in bed.
    9. Modern Midnight Gold Plunger—Coffee IS Gold. Am I right? So this is a no brainer!
    10. American Style Stainless Steel Refrigerator—Okay, this is a BIG gift idea for parents or grandparents. But, if they can’t spring it, Prezola also has a “new refrigerator cash fund” option. Isn’t that so neat?
    11. Multiquick 7 Aperitive Hand BlenderWe’re all choosing healthier these days, so this multi-functional blender is super practical and useful for small smoothies and soups. It’s a jug blender, hand chopper, ice crusher and whisker all in one.
    12. Geo Glasses Gold Tumblers—Love this modern take on tumblers. Plus, they’re gold edged.
    13. Rose Soft Velvet Footstool—Kick your feet up in style. This plush footstool is stunning.
    14. Outdoor Festoon Lights—These draped outdoor lights are perfect for hanging on patios, in trees or for parties.
    15. Vera Wang Indigo Plate—Everyone needs a set of fine china.



There you have it—some of my favorite gift ideas. I hope you enjoy checking them out; I sure enjoyed shopping for them.

For more ideas and to register your wedding gift list, check out their website here:

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