Dec 17, 2018

Wedding Inspiration: How to Have a Small French Chateau Wedding

As my regular readers will know, I work very closely with Stepan Vrzala—one of my favorite photographers and friends—on a number of projects and weddings, so I love to feature his work as well as share what we’re up to. This particular wedding has all the elements of an intimate chateau wedding at a rustic French wedding venue, so I thought I’d break down some key elements that help bring that French countryside wedding to life.

The Chateau

First of all, the chateau wedding venue is the main feature. It instantly transports guests to a time when nobility and gentry reined. Take a look at this manor house and see how it adds a stately presence. No matter where you’re located around the world, you don’t have to travel to France to have a French Countryside wedding. If you have access to a venue that’s a stately, historic home or large, vintage bed and breakfast, you can style your wedding to take on that French  Countryside look.

The Vast Lawn and Gardens

The large, open landscaping and gardens give off that countryside ambiance. The trees and scenery have that rural feel and you can mimic that look even if a venue isn’t in a rural location by hosting your ceremony in a large open garden.

The Abundance of White Roses and Greenery

From the arch to the tablescapes to the bouquet, the couple used an abundance of white roses and greenery. You’ll also notice that soft pink roses were added sparingly for a subtle pop of color.  By bringing in more nature, the hanging greenery above the tables and the surrounding plants add a further country element.

The Ornate Furniture

Just look at the details and ironwork on the ceremony chairs. Note how the first row of immediate family members get to sit on outdoor couches and loveseats rather than individual chairs. That’s a great way to add diversity to your seating and a sense of intimacy and closeness. This is a small wedding, so the seating is minimal and spaced closer together.

The Vintage Accents

The rustic metal lanterns add that historic feel and the cobblestone walkway adds old world charm. The hanging glass candle holders above the tables also add classic simplicity as does the tall candelabras on the table.

The Outfit Change

Okay, nothing says “French nobility” like an outfit change. The beautiful lace and sheer tulle wedding dress is such a romantic, soft, and dainty style. The soft blue, sweetheart gown and crown mimic what a princess might wear to a royal ball.

There you have it. Those are some really simple ways you can mimic a small French chateau wedding whether you’re getting married in France or at a local rural wedding venue.

Photography Credits: Stepan Vrzala

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