To Us...Africa is the New Italy for Weddings, But No Matter Where
You Marry, You Deserve an
Unforgettable Experience

At Love From Mwai, you have permission to dream wildly about your wedding—whether you’re
imagining your destination wedding in Africa or a multicultural wedding in Mumbai.
We help you shape those dreams into a wedding experience that matches your vision, values, and spending plan.

Which One Best Describes You?

If all of the obstacles to your wedding dreams were removed,
what would your wedding look like?

How would your guests experience it?

What do you want to remember about your wedding 5 years, 10 years,
and 25 years from now? 

While Destination Weddings in Africa Are Our Sweet Spot, We Still Have a Love Affair for Cultural Weddings Around the Globe

From the world’s finest resorts to castles, private villas, vintage country homes, and vineyards, we work with you to design your dream wedding and are on-location leading up to and on your big day to execute the vision and manage the logistics.
We have strong relationships with a global network of vendors, suppliers, flower farms, and more to ensure that no matter where you get married, we tap into exquisite talent and have access to high-quality products, production, and service.

Organization, Integrity, and Intention from an Award-Winning Wedding Specialist

Who is Known for Being Hands-On and Approachable Is Just a Click Away

Bespoke Destination Wedding Planning & Design Services

Bespoke destination wedding planning includes support such as:
Planning checklist development, including each action item and to-do necessary to create a remarkable wedding experience
Etiquette consulting and advice so you’re aware of formal practices and guest expectations
Design and styling by Mwai who has trained under international wedding and floral designer Karen Tran and famed wedding designer Jeff Leatham
Full ceremony and reception design including theme, color palette, decor accents, centerpieces, floral structures and lighting
Décor, linens, cutlery, glassware, and furniture sourcing and hiring
Floral sourcing and design for all floral structures, centerpieces, bouquets, and more
Travel VISA guidance and assistance as necessary
Budget Management so that you have a comparison between budget and actuals and can stay on track with your spending plan
Budget planner spreadsheet allocated per category based on your wedding budget
Monthly budget check-ins
Advice on Adjustments, if applicable
Coordinate timely payment to all vendors
Wedding Invitation and Wedding Stationery Creation including programs, menus, signage, seating cards, and
more so that every aspect of your wedding is cohesive and consistent.
Menu Development Assistance to ensure the food choices pair well with your tastes, theme, menu, and overall atmosphere
Timeline Creation and Coordination to set the timing and flow for a well-executed experience that keeps all attendees engaged
Vendor Sourcing and Management with preferred vendors who meet your standards, including contract negotiation and payment management
Guest Management, welcome baskets, and extra touches so your out-of-town guests feel pampered and informed
Hair & makeup booking by talented stylists so you look and feel confident and radiant on your big day
Wedding Rehearsal Management so your rehearsal is as efficient and just as fun as your wedding day
One lead coordinator in attendance for up to 1.5 hrs
Design Setup and Event Execution so you remain at-ease and fully present on your wedding day
Unlimited email questions, Direct line WhatsApp access, and unlimited pre-planning meetings in person or via Skype video conference
Plus more based on your wedding, design, and overall experience vision

As a special gift from me, all of my destination wedding clients receive a professionally written and designed pdf “wedding and welcome guide”
 to send to guests, vendors, and suppliers. This beautiful guide includes all of your wedding details, itinerary, need-to-know travel information,
flight and accommodation recommendations for your guests (including discount codes, if applicable), what to do and see around the area,
fun facts about your wedding location and country, a what to wear and pack guide, and more.

Please get in touch for a bespoke quote for your wedding planning investment.
For a luxury destination wedding, your wedding budget should be a minimum of £65,000 for weddings with
50 guests or less and £150,000+ for weddings with 50+ guests.

Unlike other wedding planners who offer complimentary introduction consultations, we spend approximately 24 hours
getting to know you, listening to your vision, and creating your proposed wedding budget before you even hire us so you
have a clear picture of every cost. All complimentary.

The First Consult | We schedule an initial consultation to discuss your wedding vision, take notes, and get to know one another.
The Budget Planner and Proposal | We come back to you with a proposed wedding budget based on your vision, vendor quotes, and wedding must-haves
The Second Consultation | Once we’ve sent you a budget planner, we schedule a second consultation to go over it. This gives you an excellent
picture of what your budget will look like for everything you want to have and all vendor fees.

For the couple who wants an all-inclusive wedding experience, we help you plan and design the destination wedding (and even honeymoon!) of a lifetime. From a welcome dinner to the wedding to a fun cocktail hour to a day-after brunch to adventure activities, cultural immersions, entertainment and dancers, and more, we shape a wedding experience based
on your wildest dreams and desires. 

Your Complimentary Consultation Looks Like This 


I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Mwai in July of this year at the Royal Livingstone hotel where she had organized from start to finish what can only be described as the most eye opening magical fairytale of epic proportion turning our iconic hotel into a school, a mesmerizing and captivating floral garden- coupled with a well-executed display leadership by managing her guests and her related hotel operations for her group that included food and beverage, events, rooms and VIPs. Mwai’s energy and positive vibe is absolutely contagious and her infectious enthusiasm for days long was a learning curve for us all.

Laurie Burr | General Manager
Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara

“infectious enthusiasm”

I had the pleasure of working with Mwai on several occasions, including photographing the Floral Experience Masterclass in Zambia. I absolutely love working with Mwai and her professionalism, vision and dedication never ceases to amaze me. She is a warm and friendly person with brilliant organisational skills and attention to detail. Mwai puts her heart and soul into her work and it clearly shines through in the end result; her events are delivered to perfection. Mwai’s expertise and passion of creating exceptional high-end events has been inspirational for me, showing me time and time again that with vision and determination the sky is the limit. 


“ I absolutely love working with Mwai”

Before working with Mwai, and despite working with some wonderful clients and brands, I found that the majority of my projects were typical of the mainstream, traditional wedding styles prevalent today and I felt quite limited in artistic expression.
Mwai has given me the opportunity to create designs for some truly sensational weddings and events such as the Karen Tran Masterclass in Zambia - a true accolade for anyone in the wedding stationery industry.
What I have loved most about working with Mwai as that she works with clients that are discerning, high-end and visionary which has given me the chance to really hone my artistic skills and has also given me the confidence to create stationery designs that are unparalleled and by far some of my best work to date!

Roseanna Willis
Rosey & Co.

“truly sensational weddings and events”

Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer not to take on more than 6 weddings per year and take on a max of 10 weddings. We limit the number of weddings we take on, so we can focus on our couples and giving them the support they truly need to create the wedding they’re dreaming of.

1. How many weddings do you coordinate per year?

My team is made up of various staff members and freelancers and the number depends on the size, scope, and level of support needed for a wedding. For elaborate weddings with extensive floral designs and structures, I bring on additional floral designers or production support members to help with the securing of arches or structures. For one wedding, I might need a setup team of 50 and for another, I might need a few extra floral designers to help with a floral wall and then a couple of staff members to help with setup and tear down. It also varies depending on where I’m traveling as sometimes I need to pull in local support at the destination. I have a vast network of vendors and team members with significant experience so no matter where we go, they’re always up for the challenge and excited by the event.

2. Do you have a big team?

There are many ways we can weave your destination into your wedding design. For example, we might source materials from local markets to use for the centerpieces or table styling. We can utilize native grasses or florals and pull them into your centerpieces or floral structures. We may add tropical fruit from your destination to your dessert table or use throw pillows and fabrics that match your destination aesthetic. There are many creative ways to weave what matters to you into your wedding. At one of my weddings, we hired special long-horn cattle and placed a headband beneath their horns, because that was a traditional wedding element from my bride’s culture.
We walk through all of this during your wedding design phase.

3. How can I make the most of my destination and create a theme that matches it?

To learn more, reach out to us via the contact page to request our welcome guide and let us know you want to book a complimentary consultation.

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